BRAND NEW: Community Building Boot Camp
Included in the Community Building Boot Camp:

The 6 C's to Building a Fanatical Community
This isn't the class for you if you're okay with a couple likes and comments on your social media posts-- It's time for hundreds. This proven formula will show you how! 

The 3 mistakes that keep your posts from being seen...
Ignoring these mistakes will TURN OFF potential customers, confuse your current ones, and keep your posts from being seen entirely. Want more reach without having to pay for advertising? Sign up below! 

Selling on Social Media (What's working NOW)
You want to convert your followers into loyal customers & community members. I'll walk you step-by-step through this process in the training! Reserve your seat.
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Warren K Carlyle IV
Community Building Strategist & CEO/Founder of OctoNation- The Largest Octopus Fan Club! 501(c)3 

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Included in the Community Building Boot Camp:

How the algorithm works right NOW
Are your posts receiving little to no comments/ likes? I'll walk you through how to format your posts so that they play well with the algorithm. You shoot yourself in the foot when you post incorrectly-- and you might not even know you're doing it! 

How to get your customers to refer you more business
If you don't know how to turn your customers into raving fans you're missing out on EASY business! You've earned it! Wait until I show you case studies of people/brands that have created their whole business off of this referral system online. 

The Phone Apps that are going to make your life SO MUCH EASIER
After uploading thousands and thousands of posts personally-- I'll give you a quick run through of apps that will save you time, improve the quality of your videos, and Increase your engagement! 
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